ESPN Streamlined its Complaint Form So You Can Quickly Register Your Female Announcer Complaints

From Jezebel comes this story that ESPN had a complaint form, and on that form were several categories that would allow you to compartmentalize your complaint. Don’t like the Television schedule, they had a place to go. Did you have a Technical issue with the ESPN service? Or perhaps you dislike the female commentators. Don’t worry, that was covered too, and your complaint wouldn’t get lost among comments about Mike & Mike, or Doug Gottlieb.

Once that story went public, ESPN responded quickly, removing that feature and offering this apology (via Fang’s Bites):

We apologize for the mistake on the viewer response form template. We’ve been an industry leader for more than 30 years and are extremely proud of the leadership role we continue to play in providing high-profile opportunities and assignments for female commentators – from SportsCenter anchors to play-by-play announcers, analysts, reporters and more. We appreciate that this matter was brought to our attention and it was addressed and deleted immediately.

Criticism of broadcasters is fine, if you are the type to take time out of your busy day to engage in such ventures. Setting aside the female announcers as different, and legitimizing complaints by categorizing them as female announcers, though, is not. At least ESPN acted quickly here, though we have to wonder what they were thinking in the first place.

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