Forbes Named Jimmer Fredette One of America's Most Miserable Cities

Forbes recently released their list of America’s Most Miserable Cities. All your favorite punchline cities made the list with Miami coming in at #1 and Detroit standing strong at #2. The list was set up in a handy slideshow format with each depressing city getting a picture and a couple sentences about what the city sucks so much. All of the pictures showed bad weather, residents waiting in unemployment lines, getting arrested, protesting inequality… Standard depressing stuff.

The only photo that varied from that formula was Sacramento at #5. Sacramento’s miserable image was Jimmer falling over and committing a turnover. Kings coach Keith Smart obviously reads Forbes because the day this list was released, Jimmer registered his first career DNP-CD. He just left the bench for the first time in February last night. Too soon, Forbes. Too soon.


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