Opposing High School Gets Technical, Complains About Pink-Tinged Uniforms For Charity

The Burke (NE) women’s high school basketball team wanted to raise money for charity and wore light pink home uniforms as part of a donation drive for Make-A-Wish Foundation. I recognize that particular shade because half of my tee shirts are that color after I am in charge of laundry.

The problem? The high school rules require the home team to wear “predominantly white” and Burke had not cleared the exception. The other problem? A pompous idiot serving as athletic director for Columbus High, who was trailing at half time by a point, complained, and got a technical called against Burke to start the second half. Here’s athletic director John Krogstrand in his own words:

“I asked one of our assistants whether Burke had said anything ahead of time about wearing pink uniforms. It was my suggestion to coach Licari to bring it to the attention of the officials . . . It put us in an awkward spot Monday night, but when you want to maintain the integrity of the game, you’ve got to play by the rules.”

Yes, I’m sure that position you were put in, having to watch a team with “predominately white” uniforms with a tinge of pink hue, for charity, was really awkward. Former Yankees manager Billy Martin thinks this guy’s a stickler for meaningless details in a shameless attempt to gain an athletic advantage.

[h/t: @huskerfloyd; photo via Omaha World-Herald]

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