Two Houston Dynamo Players Arrested, Claim Altercation Began When Nightclub Denied Entry to Black Players

Two Houston Dynamo players were arrested Saturday night after a skirmish with an off duty police officer working outside a Houston night club. Players claim the altercation began because the black players among them were denied entry.

Four players, Tyler Deric, Warren Creavalle, Alex Dixon and Will Bruin, attempted to enter the Roosevelt Lounge but were denied entry. The players claim it was because Creavalle and Dixon were black. The club claims it was because the players were drunk. The incident angered Deric who was subdued with a taser, arrested and charged with assaulting the officer. Creavalle was also arrested and charged with “interfering with public duties.” The players claim the assault never occurred.

The club’s racist entry policy was corroborated by the Houston-based rap group “Drank” who attempted entry the same evening but were denied because the club already had “too many black people.”

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