A Measles Alert Has Been Issued in Massachusetts For Super Bowl Attendees

Public health officials in Massachusetts issued a measles alert yesterday for anyone who took a stroll through the Super Bowl Village in Indianapolis on February 3.

Indiana disease trackers, who I imagine are already deathly busy with the NBA season in full swing, have confirmed of at least one case of measles from someone who was in the village this past Friday where over 200,000 people were in the general area at one point or another.

The alert recommends that “people born in or after 1957 and who do not have documentation of having the vaccination, should call their health care provider to receive a shot as soon as possible.”

Initial symptoms of measles are followed by a red, blotchy rash approximately 14 days after exposure, which poses a rather large challenge for doctors in the Massachusetts area since “red and blotchy” is such a common trait among the state’s residents, particularly those that live in Boston.

[via Boston.com]

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