Michael Page's Tornado Head Kick KO Made For an Impressive MMA Debut

Michael “Venom” Page made his professional MMA debut this last weekend in London. Page faced fellow MMA newcomer, Ben Dishman, at Ultimate Challenge MMA 26. As you can see from the video, Page is cocky to the point where he’s kind of acting like a jackass. You could call it an Anderson Silva impersonation if you wanted. Luckily, the act paid off with this head kick knockout. Page has also pulled off a 720-degree headkick in competition.

Also worth noting: That guy’s jacket. The cage announcer wore some sort of sequined suit to go along with his gaudy rings. And that hair. If Europe is always ahead of us in fashion, should I plan on wearing something similar to a wedding in 2013?

[Pro MMA Now via Middle Easy]

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