Up 78 in the 4th Quarter, Wisconsin High School Team Keeps Up the Full Court Press, Coach Says Dumb Things Afterward

The final score of a high school basketball game in Wisconsin: 116-40. Let’s start with details from the losing school, courtesy of the Lake Geneva News:

Collins said the Trojans were up by 78 points in the fourth quarter and continued to full-court press. Also, they played their starters until two minutes left in the game despite taking a 50-point lead at the half. At one point in the third quarter, Collins yelled at East Troy coach Darryl Rayfield and said, “What are you doing?” Collins said fans were stunned and couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

Up 50 at the break, I can understand leaving in your starters. A 30-0 run cuts the deficit to 20! And pressing up 78 in the fourth? Kind of necessary too. Hey, it’s basketball, everybody makes a run. Now, here’s what the winning side – which features 6-foot-7 Army-bound Tanner Plomb, and a set of 6-foot-9 twins – had to say:

“We play a rotation of five or six kids,” Rayfield said. “We are not blessed with depth. At some point, our guys have to play a full game. I need our guys to be tested with fatigue and play a full game at a high pace. I couldn’t hold back. It doesn’t get us where we need to be.”

Oh. Well, there’s no defending that insane logic. [Lake Geneva News]

* I went with the Georgetown fight from last summer because, well, this high school game should have ended in a brawl.

Because you want to see it first!

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