"All the Asian-American guys want to be Jeremy Lin and all the Asian-American girls want to marry him."

Linsanity is real and it’s creating even more basketball fans in New York City. According to the New York Times, Asian-American basketball fans are flocking to the bars to watch their new hero.

“All the Asian-American guys want to be Jeremy Lin,” she said. “And all the Asian-American girls want to marry him.”

Why not? Lin’s 89 points over his first three starts is the most by any player since the merger. Expect more viewing parties in the coming weeks as Lin fans, Kincks fans and Time Warner Cable subscribers gather at bars around New York. Expect more scenes like this:

They clapped when the television showed him walking to the locker room in a gray V-neck sweater. They screamed when he was introduced over the loudspeaker as the Knicks’ starting point guard. They shook the room when he made his first basket in a 38-point effort as the Knicks beat the Lakers, 92-85.

Many of them were not even basketball fans. Jay Kim, 29, had not watched the Knicks since they were in the N.B.A. finals more than a decade ago. Greg Wong, one of the night’s organizers, admitted to falling asleep when he watches sports.

“I don’t even follow football,” one woman said. “Wait, this isn’t football.”

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