The Crying Patriots Fan is the Worst Person Alive

I’m not sure the Crying Giants Fan will ever be topped when it comes to tragic displays of sports fandom gone too far. The portly football fellow was a heaping, hopeless mess, but this female Patriots fan is absolutely his soul mate.

Here are my two favorite nuggets from the harrowing footage:

“If we get there again they’re gonna beat us again because we’re so bad at the Super Bowl and I don’t even know why ’cause we’re so good at every other game. And then we’re so good and then sometimes even though we have perfect seasons we still don’t wiiiiiiin.

The way she said “win” there was delivered in such an excellent whining-cry tone she could pass for a 10-year-old. And then there’s this:

“Everyone was just so playing stupid … and Tom Brady was just so stupid.”

Tantalizing analysis. This chick is the most inexcusable person currently roaming planet earth.

[h/t: Devoted reader Brian]

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