ESPN Poll Asks Whether Jeremy Lin is NBA's Best Point Guard

Concoct reactionary response by seeding poll. Use reactionary response to troll fans and attract attention. Have trusty analyst swoop in to calmly refute obviously reactionary response.  Classic ESPN. Today, the Worldwide Leader would love you to weigh in on their pressing issue of the day: is Jeremy Lin the best point guard in the NBA? No Deron Williams. No Westbrook. Linsanity.

Only 15 percent of America, thus far, has taken the bait. Though, it’s still disturbing he has received nearly twice as many votes as Rajon Rondo (32 points, 10 rebounds, 15 assists). Nine days. Fluky lockout season. Settle down. Though, truly, with the Super Bowl and now Jeremy Lin it’s nice to see New York receive some sorely needed national media attention.


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