Jeremy Lin Gets Reinforcements, Heads North of the Border For Must-See (!) Game With Toronto

Amare’s back. He’ll return to the lineup tonight in Toronto as the Knicks try to pick up their 6th victory in a row. Carmelo will still be watching from the bench, rooting for “Rudy,” er, Jeremy Lin.

(Floyd Mayweather will probably be betting against the Knicks, who are 5-point favorites.)

The media crush around Lin today was absurd, and here are all of his quotes, which I’m sure you’ll devour, since you can’t stop gobbling up all things Lin. If you missed it, Lin is on the cover of SI this week. I would assume some publisher has approached Howard Beck of the Times about turning around a quick Jeremy Lin book read to hit shelves this Fall. That’s not hyperbole folks – Lin’s captured the nation, and I’d imagine plenty of non-NBA fans will be tuning in tonight, or watching illegally online (7 pm!).

The Harvard grad will be going up against Toronto’s Jose Calderon, who is a pretty terrible defensive point guard, but also a savvy veteran who has probably read all the clippings and seen the Lin hype over the last 48 hours. He’ll probably make it his mission to shut down Lin. (Then again, I thought Derek Fisher would treat Friday’s game this way.)

Prediction: Lin’s shots decrease (8-17), but his line is solid (20 points, 12 assists) and the Knicks win their sixth straight. 98-88.

Because you want to see it first!

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