Valentine's Day Roundup: Kate Upton Was Part of Letterman's Top 10, RIP Freddie Solomon & Jeremy Lin Did the Dougie

Scarlett Johansson … “Man jailed for chainsaw attack in Hull pub” … photos of one shark swallowing another Sony tried to profit on Whitney Houston’s death, then got called out … Shakira was attacked by a sea lion in South Africa … columnist admits his recent column was all about the page views … who wants to want the final few minutes of a legendary 1954 Indiana high school basketball game? … she claims to have only eaten pizza for 31 yearsAshley Tisdale in a bikini on roller skates … “Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer Robbed By Man Armed With Machete” … Apple stock surges past $500 a share …

Syracuse 52, Louisville 51. Huge road win for the Orange. [Post-Standard]

Billy Cundiff expected a much bigger backlash for missing that chip shot in the AFC title game. [Des Moines Register]

Kansas 59, Kansas State 53. Hey, Bill Self deserves some props! [KC Star]

Sour grapes, Berry? “Missouri, Texas A&M will regret leaving the Big 12.” [Oklahoman]

Here are the 20 worst tackling cornerbacks in the NFL. [Pro Football Focus]

Really wish there was video of the fight described in the beginning of this story. [SI]

RIP Freddie Solomon, former San Francisco 49er receiver. [Tampa Times]

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: Scoop Jackson is wrong. [Sports Agent Blog]

Chicago’s best basketball recruits in recent years have left the city (and Illinois altogether). Why? [Tribune]

I think it’d be awesome if the Wizards let everyone on their roster go by 2013 and started from scratch. [NYT]

How Michael Jordan destroyed the Bobcats. [Hoop]

Of course Buzz Bissinger is the only guy who hates Jeremy Lin. [Daily Beast]

Jim Mora just wanted to remind everyone the Falcons haven’t won a playoff game since he left. [AJC]

They’re calling this guy the best racquetball player on the planet. [Times]

Jeremy Lin hitting the Dougie when he was getting hazed in Golden State.

Here’s 2006 video footage of Jeremy Lin winning the State title in California. We mentioned the game yesterday.

Few weeks old, but very cool.

Surely some of you have a strong opinion about this, right?

SI Swimsuit models did the Top 10 last night.

Because you want to see it first!

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