Bill Simmons is Certain the Dallas Mavericks Will be Signing Deron Williams This Offseason

New Jersey Nets fans got all angry in December after I wrote that Deron Williams not signing an extension with the team was a sign that he was gone. Optimistic fans in the Swamp were quick to note that it made complete sense for Williams to opt out, but he could still stay with the Nets. Yeah, right.

Bill Simmons recently wrote that Williams will be joining the Mavericks in July.

We’re all supposed to pretend this might not happen even though it’s a bigger summer lock than Michael Phelps winning a gold medal. I haven’t talked to one person “In the Know” who isn’t 100 percent convinced that Dallas is getting him. But let’s all keep pretending this isn’t true.

The Lakers might have something to do with that – unless they can get Brandon Jennings on the cheap and then team him with Dwight Howard – but Williams returning to his home state seems logical. Especially with Jason Terry and Jason Kidd coming off the books. [Grantland]

[Photo via US Presswire]

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