Here's Mike Tyson Saying "Shit" While Being Interviewed By Dan LeBatard's Ex-Girlfriend

Jill Martin, the Today Show correspondent who once dated Dan LeBatard and looks like this in a bikini, was interviewing Mike Tyson during halftime of the Knicks-Kings game at Madison Square Garden and the former champ accidentally said “shit.”

Of course this isn’t relevant, but it felt necessary to a) mention that Jill Martin dated LeBatard (no fewer than 14 people mentioned it the last time we linked her on the site) and b) update you on Jeremy Lin’s Knicks. They lead the devoid-of-defense Kings 54-36 after two quarters. New York is 24 minutes away from being on a 7-game winning streak. Lin’s got six points, nine assists, and just one turnover. New York is shooting 51 percent.

[video via Sears]
[HD video via Cork Gaines]

Because you want to see it first!

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