Dear Media: Please Stop Asking Me About Jeremy Lin. Thanks, Deron Williams

Every player on every team in the NBA – GMs included – is getting asked about New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin right now, but Deron Williams of the Nets is sick of Linsanity.

“Why would we get excited about the Knicks? We’re 8-21, I’m worried about us, not what Jeremy Lin’s doing,” he said.

“What phenomenon?” Williams asked.

Finally, after the fifth question about Lin, he cut off the subject.

“Ya’ll got anything about tonight? Anything that’s relevant with us?”

Nope, Deron – absolutely nothing’s relevant with the Nets. Seven losses in a row, seven games back of the 8th playoff spot … oh, wait, do you plan on staying in New Jersey after this season? Talk to Dwight Howard lately? Do you think the emergence of Lin has squashed any hope of a Melo-for-Deron swap that has been discussed by internet types?

After reading Williams’ comments, I got an image in my head of “So what, who cares?” [Daily News]

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