Roundup: Bus Swerves to Hit Cyclist, the Coach Who Fixed Jeremy Lin's Shot & Woman Falls on Live TV While Texting

Kim Kardashian … reporter’s teenagers get harassed after her report on teenage drug use and drinking … by far the craziest school zone speed sign in the country … here’s an obscure Jeremy Lin video … “mom allegedly snorts drugs while attending child’s Valentine’s Day party at school” … Kate Upton looks really tired of doing interviews during this interview …the women of twitter … Chris Brown’s new alleged pickup line: “I promise I won’t beat you” … Jeremy Lin can drive traffic on twitter … “Cincinnati-based Flamingo Air allows passengers to have sex during flights” … pretty bad look, New York Magazine … “Dad plays porn instead of ‘Smurfs’ at kid’s party” …

The consensus on Jeremy Lin’s turnovers: He’s an outlier. [Basketball Prospectus]

Duke trailed NC State 61-41 with 11:33 left, then closed the game on a 37-12 run to win, 78-73. [Observer]

Sally Jenkins delivers a strong column that probably reduced Randy Edsall to tears. [WP]

Dick Vitale will be calling a Murray State game Saturday night. [Courier-Journal]

Ivy League cats are now bragging about the time they held Jeremy Lin in check. [WSJ]

Inside the life of a college basketball assistant coach – specifically, Penn’s Mike Martin. [Daily News]

Bulls get Celtics some payback, win 89-80 without Derrick Rose. [Sun-Times]

Columnist in Pittsburgh actually wants AJ Burnett. Enjoy. [Trib Review]

Hey, another huge column on Linsanity! [Grantland]

This chase sounds like something out of an 80s TV show. [KHou.com]

Sandy Alderson, the Mets GM, is doing a nice job on twitter. [New Yorker]

How do you feel about game-winning RBI? [Baseball Prospectus]

A 24-year-old war veteran is trying to play football for Virginia Tech. [WDBJ7]

The Big 12 should add Louisville next, says columnist. [Oklahoman]

You know who fixed Jeremy Lin’s shot? A girls basketball coach in Northern California. [Newsday]

Bikini Basketball tryouts? Sure. It’s from last August, though. [via Rob]

Hilarious: Watch a woman texting and wipe out at the :14 mark. [via Patti]

Keep an eye on the top of the screen and wait for the bus to swerve … to hit the biker. He survived.

Because you want to see it first!

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