Maradona Admits Using the Hand of God, Has No Regrets.

Argentine legend Diego Maradona scored twice against England during the 1986 World Cup. Each goal, in its own right, may be his most notable. One was his “Goal of the Century” where he receives the ball behind the halfway line, evades five Englishmen and scores. The other was his infamous “Hand of God” where he blatantly deflected the ball past England goalkeeper Peter Shilton with his hand.

Maradona was interviewed about the goal by Sport 360 and admitted cheating and feeling no remorse.

“Why should I apologise?” joked Maradona smiling. “In a game where we are all having fun and one does something naughty that 100,000 fans do not see. It’s not that I’m proud of scoring a goal like this, but I think it’s funny when they get mad because I scored a goal with my hand. I think it’s very funny.”

He also, correctly, points out England’s selective memory about World Cup controversies, specifically bringing up Geoff Hurst’s goal against Germany in 1966 that was not over the line.

“They, England, won a World Cup with a goal that wasn’t against Germany,” he said. “It hit the crossbar and went this [gesturing a yard with his hands] much out and the referee blew his whistle. So, they shouldn’t say anything about Maradona, because they cheated before I did eh…”

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