Reminder: Terry Francona Once Said "Manny Ramirez is the worst human being I've ever met."

Really nice dismemberment of Manny Ramirez by Tyler Kepner of the Times:

Fifty games? What happened to 100? When a fugitive skips town, shouldn’t the same punishment apply if he tries to come back? Not in the case of Ramirez. He was reinstated last December when the union persuaded Major League Baseball to reduce his sentence because Ramirez had missed almost all of 2011.

Ramirez, who will be 40 by the time he can play again, is a ghostly reminder of a tainted era with a long history of roguish behavior. Terry Francona, his nice-guy manager in Boston, once said this to Peter Gammons, “Manny Ramirez is the worst human being I’ve ever met.”

The revealing quote from Francona about Ramirez was told to Peter Gammons in 2008. [H/T CJ in the comments section]

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