San Diego High School Soccer Match Lasts Multiple Days, Finally Ends on 50th Penalty Kick

A wonderful thing about soccer is the firm time commitment. Two 45-minute halves. A 15-minute break in the middle. A little bit of stoppage time. You are in and out in under two hours. Except, of course, if the match does not end.

Two San Diego high schools, Crawford and La Jolla, met in the playoffs on Tuesday. The teams played to a 3-3 draw in regulation and then went through 21 penalty kicks until the match was called due to darkness.

“I think all of us were so nervous after every [penalty] kick,” Harris said. “Any kick could have been the end. All of us were holding our breath.”

Coaches initially decided to replay the match, but instead resumed the penalty kicks this afternoon. Bishop’s La Jolla finally won on the 50th attempt. [H/T Michael]


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