Was Eric Gordon Damaged Goods When David Stern Traded For Him?

Since getting traded from the Clippers to the Hornets in mid-December, Eric Gordon’s played just two games. His right knee has been a major problem, and in a revealing interview with the Times-Picayune, the shooting guard admitted there was pain in his knee before the blockbuster trade, but it “wasn’t swollen.” In a season-opening win over Phoenix, Gordon scored 20 points and hit the game-winning shot. He bumped knees with Grant Hill and hasn’t been the same since.

“I had a little cartilage debris. That happens when you have damage to a cartilage, and that was that — and I needed it. I’ve never had surgery before. All you can do is listen to the doctors as far as moving forward, and I know the timing sucked, but no one knew how serious it was. We went through multiple doctors, and the only way we could find out is (to) go in there.’’

So now the question becomes – just how serious was Gordon’s “pain” prior to the trade? And did the Hornets rush the deal to make up for the fact that Stern had blocked the first Chris Paul trade six days earlier, and was being eviscerated by fans and the media? [Times Picayune]

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