Can LeBron Stop Jeremy Lin?

Can LeBron Stop Jeremy Lin?


Can LeBron Stop Jeremy Lin?

Yes, I kind of love that LeBron’s talking about defending Jeremy Lin. I can see LeBron in the shootaround – guys, we have to take Jeremy Lin away from the Knicks. He sets the table! I bet D Wade chimed in – we also have to stick Novak. That kid can shoot. LeBron shut down Derrick Rose like it was nothing in the Eastern Conference Finals last year. I think he’ll be OK defending Jeremy Lin. Frankly, I’m more concerned with who Lin will try and defend on Miami.

Las Vegas has made Miami 10-point favorites. New York thumped the Hawks Wednesday; the Heat were off. Frankly, I’ll be shocked if the Knicks are in this game in the 4th quarter*. Miami’s got the best record in the NBA, yet all anyone’s talking about is Jeremy Lin?

LeBron’s going beast mode: 36 points, 11 rebounds, 10 assists, Miami rolls by 15.

No Iman Shumpert for New York again, which means Landry Fields will have to guard D Wade when it matters. Good luck!

At any rate, Jeremy Lin’s only played on the road three times during the stirring 9-2 streak:

at Washington: 23 points, 10 assists, this dunk.
at Minnesota: 20 points, eight assists, game-winning free throw.
at Toronto: 27 points, 11 assists, game-winning three-pointer.

So yeah, Jeremy Lin’s been pretty terrific on the road in the clutch against three non-playoff teams.

A win by New York puts them over .500, and pulls them within 2.5 games of 1st place Philly.

* So the play is obviously New York +10.

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