Evan Longoria is Not the Only Tampa Ray Dating a Playboy Playmate: Reid Brignac is Dating Lauren Anderson

Evan Longoria and Playboy Playmate Jaime Edmondson took their relationship public last week – to Animal Kingdom! – and then the media asked the All-Star about it. Well, here’s another one the Florida media will be chasing this week – Reid Brignac, the Rays’ shortstop, is not only dating former Playboy Playmate Lauren Anderson (July 2002), but the two are having a kid together. A reader directed us to their online baby registry, so go and get them a Pack-and-Play if you’d like.

(To those of you with kids – how clutch is the Pack-and-Play?)

I’ll assume that any day now, Tampa 1B Carlos Pena will lock up a Playmate to give the Rays the coolest set of infielders in baseball. Second baseman Ben Zobrist’s wife is an Julianna, the attractive Christian singer.

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