Roundup: Jeremy Lin May Have a Deal with Nike, Sacha Baron Cohen Banned From the Oscars & CM Punk vs. Chris Brown

Nicole Scherzinger … 8-year-old girl shot by accident in school … man bites off friend’s earJon Hamm interviewphotoshop celebrities into your party pictures … we are the children of the web … Important: sassy starfishwoman stole 2000 library books to sell online … Jeremy Lin was asked about study hall … climbing Everest is fairly expensive … “The Geek Shall Lin-herit The Earth” … Taipei girls go a day without pants for some reason … baby squirrel monkey … 25 reasons food is better than sex (caution at work) … Sacha Baron Cohen banned from the Oscars …

CM Punk’s war with Chris Brown is delightfully pointless, but whatever. [Chicago Tribune]

Living alone is the new family. [New York Times]

Matt Kemp of the Dodgers thinks he can go 50-50 this year. That’s homers and steals. [Yahoo Sports]

According to a report, Jeremy Lin is getting his own sneaker deal with NIKE. [NY Daily News]

Columnist thinks Titans should go after Terrell Owens. [Tennessean]

Record yourself running the 40 at work and send it to Rich Eisen. [NFL]

Joakim Noah notched his first career triple-double and the Bulls beat the Bucks, 110-91. [Sun-Times]

OMG LOL this camera guy thinks Eddie George is Calvin Johnson because they’re both black or something. [TMZ]

Rainn Wilson apologized for a “poorly constructed” date-rape joke. [E!]

Mike Tyson will host a one-man show in Vegas. [Boxing Experts Blog]

Right wing talk radio host was at a gay bar to get a cold beer. [HyperVocal]

A look inside an Apple factory. [Huffington Post]

24 shows that were produced, but never properly aired. [AV Club]

American war reporter Marie Colvin killed in Syria. [Daily Mail]

Just wow. Via everybody.

Actual footage of the Hindenburg crash.

Soulja Boy would be inspired.

The trailer for Bully, a documentary that is sure to make you feel really bad about everything.

Because you want to see it first!

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