A Sixteen Year Old Blogger Was the First to Have the Details on Ryan Braun's Urine Sample ... Ten Days Ago

Curt Hogg (@Curtknowsbest), a sixteen year old who writes on the Brewers blog Plushdamentals, was the first to have the story on Ryan Braun’s appeal and issues with chain of custody, and he had it all the way back on Valentine’s Day.

Here is what Hogg wrote ten days ago:

According to sources, the results were not immediately sent to Major League Baseball as they should have been. Instead, the test samples were brought back to the collector’s residence in Kenosha, Wisconsin. There they remained, refrigerated, overnight until they were mailed in the next morning. While it is not assured that there is sufficient information to show that the test was mishandled, it supports Braun’s case.

The source was someone who knew a former college teammate of Ryan Braun’s at the University of Miami.

Kids these days, I tell you. Get off my lawn.

[photo via US Presswire]



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