Pro Football Weekly's "Black and White" Cover Features Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III

The upcoming draft issue of Pro Football Weekly features Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III side by side, with the title, “Top QB: It’s Not As Simple As Black and White.”

Jim Romenesko has comments from Mike Freeman of CBS Sports questioning the appropriateness of the cover, along with responses from PFW’s executive editor Ed Johnson and editor Hub Arkush.

Here’s what Mike Freeman first tweeted out:

The cover, courtesy of Romenesko via PFW, appears above. Hub Arkush provides a lengthy response to Jim Romenesko. In it, he states that there are two stories. One compares Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III and says that the decision on who is Number 1 is not as clear cut as it appeared earlier this year. Another piece looks at how African-Americans are underrepresented at the quarterback position, and examines whether race still plays a role in the development and evaluation of quarterbacks.

In light of these comments, and just looking at the cover, it has a racial component. They don’t choose that title and the artwork unless Robert Griffin III was African-American. Does that, though, make it “borderline racist”? Have we gone too far here?

I think so (or as Jason Whitlock said, borderline too sensitive). This isn’t the “Chink in the Armor” headline with double meaning representing a pejorative term. Can we now not use headlines to discuss potential race issues? I think its a discussion we want to have, not avoid. My personal thought on Robert Griffin is that I hope he is ultimately evaluated without racial stereotyping coming in to his scouting, as I saw a guy who can throw accurate deep balls. However, let’s not pretend it’s still not an issue and that we won’t see it creep in to evaluations.

In this case, I think the “Black and White” cover is appropriate for the content that Hub Arkush describes.

[photo via Romenesko via PFW]

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