I'd Kill For a Transcript of This James Harden-Kobe Bryant Trash Talk

James Harden sank a three-pointer, over-celebrated (wait for the replay at 1:14) and then 10 seconds later blocked Kobe Bryant’s shot. Then, the jawing began. I’ve watched this multiple times trying to lip read, but to no avail. Around the 1 minute mark, Harden gets very brazen and really gets in Kobe’s face, whispering something in his ear.

Just when you think the trash talking is over, the refs took far too long to clear up a Derek Fisher 3-pointer, and Harden and Kobe start chatting again. Chris Webber declares, “they can’t be talking trash that long,” (3:13) but Metta World Peace went over to diffuse the situation (ha!) and then Gasol did, too.

Perhaps is was carryover from the Drew League in August when Kobe won a game with a shot in Harden’s face? [vid via @Jose3030]

Because you want to see it first!

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