Brad Keselowski is Tweeting Photos From His Car at the Daytona 500

Some NASCAR driver named Brad Keselowski just tweeted a photo of a wreck taking place in front of his Chevy Monte Carlo during a red flag at the Daytona 500. Yes, it came from his phone and he’s racing in the race! Technology.

You can fully expect a ban on this sort of risque tomfoolery by tomorrow morning, though it would be nice if NASCAR decided to allow tweeting. The engaging Keselowski has already offered up some “interesting” nuggets since taking photo, like how it’s better that he’s tweeting from his car rather than a Port-a-Jon and that his cell phone battery is at 60%. Humanizing auto racing personalities in this manner could probably do wonders for the sport so long as the car is going under 200 mph during the tweeting process.

*Yes, we’re well aware he’s not actually driving and tweeting. Feel free to extinguish your torches.*

[via @keselowski]

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