An Oral History of the Expensive Suit Reggie Miller Wore To the Malice at the Palace

Today Grantland published An oral history of the Malice at the Palace by Jonathan Abrams. It was excellent, interesting and a new angle on a story that we were all familiar with. It was basically what Grantland is supposed to be. Hats off to Abrams for a job well done.

While the whole piece is a must-read, one thing stood out from that November night in 2004: Reggie Miller’s suit. Steve Angel, an ESPN cameraman who was working the game shared this tidbit.

Angel: The only time I felt I was about to get hurt was when a policeman popped his pepper spray container and started shaking it up. Reggie Miller was pleading with him, “Please don’t. My suit costs x-hundred dollars.

Unfortunately, this is the only mention of Reggie Miller’s suit in the entire story. While Ron Artest was out of his mind, Stephen Jackson was preparing to lay down his life for his teammates and Derrick Coleman was singled out as the protector of Larry Brown’s family, Reggie Miller was worried about ruining his expensive suit. COME ON!

You can watch the entire video below. The cop, the cop’s pepper spray and Reggie Miller enter the picture around the 7:17 mark. To Miller’s credit, it looked like he was trying to save Ron Artest. Having said that, Steve Angel doesn’t seem like a liar.

The Malice at the Palace took place on November 19, 2004, during Miller’s last season in the league. Miller was wearing his suit that night as it was one of the 16 games he sat that season. In Reggie’s first 17 years in the league, he missed just 38 total games. The NBA dress code was not instituted until the following season, after Miller had retired. Who knows how Reggie would have acted if he had been wearing his uniform on that faithful evening. We may never have known how much he loves his x-hundred dollar suits. COME ON!

[Video via Deadspin, Image via Getty]

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