Houston Dynamo Supporters Misbehave, MLS Takes Away Their Toys

Houston Dynamo supporters groups surpassed league-approved levels of rowdiness at several away matches last year. Consequently, MLS has decided to kill their buzz by revoking festivity rights at future away matches.

Travelling Dynamo supporters brought and ignited smoke bombs to Dallas on Sept. 24, Kansas City on Nov. 6 and Los Angeles Nov. 20. They also threw “various objects” at players and safety personnel in the latter match and used “obscene language and gestures.”

Dynamo supporters will be forbidden from using the “Supporter Group Exemptions in the MLS Prohibited items policy” indefinitely. Basically, they can’t bring flags, drums, banners etc. into opposing stadiums. If they behave, the privileges could be reinstated at a May 12 hearing.

Essentially, MLS caters to the “ultra” fan groups. They are allowed to provide atmosphere and receive special seating and assorted benefits. The trade off is that they don’t do anything vile or dangerous like real “ultras” would do in Europe. Smoke bombs and projectiles probably cross that line.

[Photo via US Presswire]

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