Bahrain's 10-0 Win Over Indonesia in Asian World Cup Qualifying Looks Fishy

Bahrain entered yesterday’s fixtures with their World Cup hopes hanging by a very slender thread. They trailed Qatar by three points for the second advancement place in Asian Third Round Qualifying Group E. They needed to win, to have Qatar lose and somehow make up a nine-goal deficit. In what may have been more than a coincidence, they beat Indonesia 10-0.

FIFA has not ruled out impropriety citing 15 months of “severe instability” in Indonesia’s football infrastructure.

“Fifa will conduct a routine examination of this game and its result,” a spokesman told BBC Sport.

“[This is due to] the unusual outcome in relation to the result expectation and head-to-head history – and in the interests of maintaining unequivocal confidence in our game.”

Whatever chicanery might have occurred it was pointless. Qatar sneaked a late 2-2 draw with group leaders Iran, advancing to the fourth round over Bahrain on points.

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