Evan Gattis, the Catcher/Vagabond of the Braves, is the Best Story of Spring Training (By Far)

Two years ago, everyone was rooting for Atlanta’s Jason Heyward because of his raw talent. This spring, everyone will be rooting for Atlanta’s Evan Gattis, who also has talent, but also went to rehab after high school, then worked odd jobs while traveling out West (lift operator, pizza joint, janitor, etc), and is now whacking the ball all over Lake Buena Vista:

He signed with Texas A&M, but never made it to College Station.

Instead he went to drug rehab for 30 days. Then a halfway house for three months. After a brief baseball career at an Oklahoma junior college, he dropped out and tried to tune in or turn on to something, anything that might give him some clarity.

His life began to resemble a Jack Kerouac novel mixed with new age spiritualism wherever he could find it.

Spiritual gurus, hitch-hiking and giving beer to a homeless man. This story has it all. [AJC]

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