Rob Gronkowski in Zubaz is the King of the Meatheads

Here’s Rob Gronkowski, a pair of Zubaz pants, a scooter and two dudes in a gym. Where to begin? That one guy is wearing a sleeveless shirt that says “GYM TAN LAX.” The tweet this picture was attached to?

Had a special guest judge at the 2nd Annual MAN Cave Meathead Dance Off…Big thanks to Rob Gronkowski!!!

There is so much said in so few words. “MAN Cave.” Man in all-caps. Man cave is not something a real person says. Gronkowski was apparently a judge of a dance competition. Featuring self-described meatheads. In a man cave. I’m not even going to mention what looks like a duck face by Gronk. There is just too much going on here.

[@GoEliteSC via Busted Coverage]

Because you want to see it first!

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