UCLA Reaction to the Sports Illustrated Story: Ben Howland is Our Guy (Today, That is)

The majority of folks didn’t think George Dohrmann’s in-depth story on UCLA’s recent demise was that damaging to the program.

That being said … UCLA gathered reporters for a conference call Thursday night to discuss matters, and while Howland is confident he’ll return to Westwood, AD Dan Guerrero stopped short of saying it was a lock.

Reeves Nelson, who comes across looking worse than Howland, and who pissed (ha!) away any shot of getting drafted by an NBA team, has lawyered up and is demanding a retraction. Good luck with that.

Blowhard Bill Plaschke: “This isn’t news.” News the NCAA would be interested in? No. But ultimately, fickle teenagers like Kyle Anderson will make that┬ádetermination. If the recruiting class sticks around, then Howland will obviously be retained. If the recruiting class evaporates? Well …

Speaking of that recruiting class, UCLA might want to throw in the towel on the best player in the Class of 2012, Shabazz Muhammad. As Parrish and Goodman detail, the NCAA is telling schools that he might be suspended for the first 20 games of next season.


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