Robert Griffin III Has Won Over Columnists, All of Whom Want Their Team - Redskins, Dolphins, Browns - to Trade For Him

Robert Griffin III won the Heisman trophy at Baylor. He threw for over 7,500 yards the last two seasons! He ran a wide receiver-like 4.38 40 at the NFL combine (later amended to a 4.41). By all accounts, he’s a smart, level-headed kid. I’m sure he scored off the charts on the Wonderlic.

Since the St. Louis Rams are drafting 2nd and don’t need a QB, they’re shopping the pick. The highest bidder will get it. The likely suitors: Washington, Cleveland, and Miami. Peter King says there is a “mystery team,” which sounds an awful lot like a ploy Scott Boras uses when trying to peddle his free agents (peddling the message, usually: Jon Heyman) and drive up the price.

Not surprisingly, columnists in those cities are foaming at the mouth for Griffin, and insisting their local team ask the Rams what they want and fork it over.

If you need a good laugh:

Jason Reid, Washington Post:

But Griffin is different. He’s not another fading star at the end of his career. His star is rising quickly — and the Redskins should latch on for the ride.

Anyone who has watched the polished Heisman Trophy winner from Baylor knows he has something special. It’s not just Griffin’s outstanding arm strength or that he’s faster than many wide receivers (seriously, though, his 40-yard dash time of 4.41 is ridiculous).

He has poise. He has presence. Just call it the “it” factor.

Greg Cote, Miami Herald:

This is the time for Miami to be daring and creative and not run scared from the idea that trading away future draft picks is blasphemy.

There is a reason he is a presumed No. 2 overall pick and why there is costly competition for his services. Comes to mind the phrase “you get what you pay for.”

So pay, Dolphins.

Outbid and out dream the Cleveland Browns and Washington Redskins and anybody else with the gumption and vision to enter into the trade-up sweepstakes.

Bob Franz, News Herald:

The Browns obviously have no great desire to give up first-round draft picks, especially with all the positions of need listed above, but I believe it would be one of their all-time gaffes if they don’t do what it takes to trade with the Rams at No. 2 and bring Griffin to Cleveland.

The ascent of Griffin has been nothing short of fascinating. Back in November, he was the 4th QB on Mel Kiper’s draft board, behind Landry Jones and Matt Barkley. In October, Todd McShay didn’t even have him ranked among his top 32 players. Last year, another QB rose from relative obscurity in the early Fall and surged near the top of the draft board in January. He also put up big numbers. He also played in the Big 12. His name: Blaine Gabbert.

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