Everyone's Mad at LeBron Because Dwyane Wade Screwed Up and Udonis Haslem Missed an Open Shot

And the nine-game winning streak is over. Utah 99, Miami 98. The Jazz celebrated as if they just won a playoff series. LeBron sulked in the locker room a bit longer than normal. You either fall into one of two camps in this discussion:

a) LeBron should always take the last-second shot (or at least drive to the basket) because nobody can stop him and that’s what money players like Kobe and Jordan did. [See LeBron, game five vs. Detroit many moons ago.]

b) Sometimes, the pass is necessary, and LeBron made the right basketball play against Utah. Haslem just missed a shot he should have made.

How does D Wade factor in? Take it away, Windhorst:

Dwyane Wade had committed two fouls that just crushed the Heat’s bid to win their 10th straight game and missed a free throw with 14 seconds left that was a direct reason the Jazz won

In case you missed the game, LeBron also did this in the final minute …

… which begs the question: If he’s making that shot, why isn’t he taking one at the end of the game?

I laughed at his fear of taking the last shot in the meaningless All-Star game, and I rode LeBron hard during the Finals for disappearing late. I don’t think you can fault his decision to pass to Haslem against the Jazz, but if this were game six or seven of a playoff series … LeBron’s got to trust in himself to score or get fouled.

He trusts himself, right? [videos via @Jose3030]

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