Father Thrown Out Of Girls Hockey Game For Shining A Laser Pointer In Goalie's Eye

Being a hockey goalie is difficult enough when some idiot isn’t shining a laser pointer in your eye. Medway-Ashland goalie Kathryn Hamer had to deal with that extra distraction during a  tournament game in Massachusetts on Friday. During the third period, a father from the other team was caught shining a laser pointer in Hamer’s eyes from the stand. The man was removed from the area.

Medway-Ashland lost the game 3-1 to rival, Winthrop. Medway-Ashland appealed the loss, but was denied.  The laser pointer trick worked – Hamer said that she saw spots during the game – but it’s not clear if it actually led to the final goals.

[CBS Boston via USA Today]

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