NBC Sports Network's Costas Tonight Ratings Were Incredibly Low

Bob Costas debuted his interview show Costas Tonight on Thursday at 8pm on NBC Sports Network. Despite a guest list including David Stern, Gary Bettman and Floyd Mayweather Jr, the ratings were absolutely terrible. The show attracted just 31,000 viewers, which ranked it 2,054 out of 2,385 ad-supported programs on cable. It rated lower than a “TV Guide Infomercial” shown at 2am (No. 2,053). It was outdrawn by 14 NBCSN shows, 11 of them related to outdoor sports.

Costas is brilliant. He’s great with live TV. He can be borderline poetic. His interview of Sandusky was masterful. However, he’s not that engaging of a personality. What is the target demographic for a monthly show that’s just Costas talking to people in a cold studio? If there is a market, how does a show of reasonable quality with one of the network’s biggest names get promoted that poorly?

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