Rumor Has it Floyd Mayweather Bet - and Lost - Nearly a Million Dollars On Duke

There was a rumor going around today that Floyd Mayweather had bet $990,000 on Duke +2 today. The bets were supposedly spread out over four sports books in Las Vegas. Sports Illustrated’s Bryan Armen Graham tweeted the rumor earlier today. [UPDATE: Floyd Mayweather told Bob Costas earlier this week he was “thinking” about betting on Duke in the 1st half. UNC rolled Duke, 88-70, and led 48-24 at the half. If he bet Duke, he lost.]

While this could be nothing more than a rumor, Floyd has a very public history of betting large sums of money on single games. Most recently, Mayweather bet a million dollars on the Patriots to beat Tim Tebow’s Broncos in the playoffs, $150,000 on Purdue in the Little Caeser’s Pizza Bowl and won $333,333 on Alabama in the BCS championship. I wouldn’t put betting on the #3 team in the nation at home on Senior Day beyond Floyd.

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