Ugly Stereotype That Australians Can't Add Screws Up UFC Flyweight Tournament

The UFC debuted the 125-pound flyweight division at last night’s UFC on FX 2 event in Australia. The division was introduced to fans through the first round of a 4-man tournament featuring Joseph Benavidez, Yasuhiro Urushitani, Demetrious Johnson and Ian McCall.

For the tournament, the UFC instituted a “sudden-victory” 4th round in the event that either fight was scored a draw after the usual three rounds. That way, there would be no draws and the UFC would have it’s championship contenders set on the same night. It seemed like a fool-proof plan.

At the end of a razor-close fight between Demetrious Johnson and Ian McCall, Johnson was declared the winner on the judges’ scorecards. I’ll let MMAjunkie explain what happened.

Initially, Johnson was declared the winner via 28-29, 29-28 and 29-28 scores. Later, Johnson was declared the majority-decision victor via 29-28, 29-29 and 29-28 scores. However, according to a commission official, one judge had scored the final round 10-8, which was overlooked during tabulations. So the final scores were 28-28, 29-29, 29-28 (Johnson got the 29-28 score).

So the scores were added incorrectly not once, but twice. By the time anyone realized that the fight was a majority draw it was too late for Johnson and McCall to fight the 4th. Now McCall and Johnson will have to face each other again later in the spring – assuming neither faces an injury suspension. In the meantime, Benavidez will sit around and play the waiting game following his knockout of Urushitani. If only people were capable of properly adding 10’s, 9’s and 8’s in the time it takes to watch a Street Fighter X Tekken ad.

[Image: MMAjunkie]


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