Theo Epstein Wants the Cubs to Get More Sleep This Season

In his valiant quest to change the culture of the Chicago Cubs clubhouse, team president Theo Epstein has stated that the organization will not tolerate players who thrive on carousing and canoodling. Simply put, he’s imploring his vaunted roster of players to favor a good night’s sleep over a good night out.

Here’s Theo:

“It’s been a factor in ruining some careers. And I’m sure it’s been an impediment to the Cubs in winning. … The approach we’re going to have is the opposite of laissez faire. We’re not just going to say, ‘Oh, that’s the way it is. This is Chicago. Boys will be boys. I’m sure they’re going to get enough sleep and I’m sure they’ll show up the next day ready to play.’ That’s a failure on the organization’s part. We have to take a very proactive approach in setting a high standard.”

Fantastic words. I respect Theo for having absolutely no qualms in publicly stating what a horror show the Cubs organization has been, particularly over the last handful of years. However, there’s really no way to control what the players decide to do away from the field, and there shouldn’t be. Banking on common sense prevailing won’t come without some bumps in the road considering players are known to deeply enjoy boozing in the Wrigleyville bars well into the night. That’s a tough habit to abruptly kick thanks mostly to the greatness that is Wrigleyville.

[via Chicago Tribune; photo via US Presswire]

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