Drew Brees is "Livid" About Getting Franchised, Will Not Sign Tender

According to Larry Holder of CBS, citing a report from WIST radio in New Orleans, Drew Brees is livid about being franchised and not being given a long term offer. Of course, this is not surprising. I expected New Orleans and Brees to work something out, but things were kind of crazy in New Orleans this weekend. His not signing the franchise tender is not unusual. The team can withdraw the tender offer until it is signed, but in Brees’ case, there is zero chance of that happening. (In cases like Matt Flynn, if he had been franchised, on the other hand, the player should run as fast as they can to sign the tender to lock in that amount).

The sides have plenty of time to negotiate the long term deal, until July 15. Brees may be pissed, but if the long term deal wasn’t done, then the Saints sure weren’t just going to let him walk with a wink and a nod and a hope that they could get something done.

[photo via US Presswire]



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