Roundup: NCAA Hypocrisy, Obama Reelection Sparking Gun Sales, Stanley Kubrick as a Photojournalist

Good Morning…This is Joanne Froggatt…aka “Anna” from Downton Abbey… Why government anti-obesity efforts fail…On Scottish Independence…Costa Rica is trying to go smoke free… Not just Catholics…Movie snack prices are ridiculously expensive…Rush is losing advertisements. Speaking of Rush…blowhard fight! Obama reelection fear sparks gun salesiPads are taking over… A George W Bush impersonator died… The Oreo turns 100.

No one points out NCAA hypocrisy quite like Dan Wetzel. [Yahoo!]

Newspapers lose $7 in print ads for every $1 they gain online. Yikes. [Journalism.Org]

The A’s don’t have much leverage in stare down with Giants. [Mercury News]

Baron Davis discusses being heckled by Donald Sterling. [ProBasketballTalk]

ESPN headline writers have infiltrated Disney. [Gawker]

The 20 Dumbest John Madden Quotes. [The Honolulu Blue]

Drunk driver high-fives cop who pulled him over. [Daily Mail]

Man sues Baptist church, claiming his years as evangelist ruined chance to play for Man U. [Guardian]

Before and after pictures of the Japanese Tsunami. [MSNBC]

Why locker room twitpics are seldom a good idea. [Kickette]

Lamar Odom is having a rough time in Dallas, beyond the sex swing. [FOX Sports]

Indiana Jones’ tenure application was denied. [McSweeney’s]

Stanley Kubrick was quite the photojournalist, before he grew up and did something with his life. [Retronaut]

A mother in Indiana lost her legs saving her children from a tornado. [Courier Journal]

Robert Mancini gets mistaken for Mario Balotelli. Understandable. All Italians look alike.

They took this surprisingly calmly.

Steph Curry hangs out with some kids on his off day.

The Kinks…

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