College Student Turns Down $750 Shoes From Chad Ochocinco Because of the Nosey NCAA

It’s been a pretty notable week for Chad Ochocinco. First a lion peed in his face at a charity event. Then he claimed he had dated Kate Upton “a while back.” Now he’s had a college kid turn down an offer of free expensive shoes.

Oklahoma State cornerback Yves Batoba tweeted that someday he would own a pair of Louboutin shoes like Ocho. Being the genuinely nice person he is, Ocho tweeted back and offered to get him a pair. That’s pretty awesome. Unfortunately, Batoba knew that would be an NCAA violation so he had to turn down the offer.

Batoba then tweeted about how much that sucked.

Don’t worry NCAA, I turned em down… I know y’all were on yall’s way over here. #Sheesh

Having to reject a free pair of Louboutins from Ochocinco… #StudentAthleteProbs

Damn you, NCAA! Even innocent gestures like this are ruined by your tyranny! That’s why I’ve long supported paying the players with shoes. It’s the only way to be fair.

[Pistol’s Firing]

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