Seton Hall vs. Louisville: Is This Really a Play-In Game for the Pirates?

Seton Hall blasted Providence Tuesday night, 79-47, shooting a blistering 56 percent. Problem: In Championship week, there are games you have to win that don’t necessarily help you, but if you lose them, they’re extremely damaging. Routing the Friars was the former – nice win, but it didn’t enhance the Pirates’ resume.

Seton Hall’s right on the bubble.

Let’s play the blind resume game again! You seemed to enjoy this morning’s effort so much.

You’ve got two spots open, and these are the four best options. Who are you putting in?

Record: 23-8
RPI: 37
SOS: 103
Record vs. RPI Top 50: 2-3
Good wins: Washington
Bad losses: Washington St., Oregon St.

Record: 23-8
RPI: 47
SOS: 106
Record vs. RPI Top 50: 3-6
Good wins: Gonzaga
Bad losses: Utah St.

Record 20-11
RPI: 50
SOS: 61
Record vs. RPI Top 50: 4-7
Good wins: Connecticut, VCU, Georgetown
Bad losses: Villanova, DePaul, Rutgers

Record: 19-12
RPI: 51
SOS: 21
Record vs. RPI Top 50: 3-9
Good wins: Temple, Iowa St.
Bad losses: Oregon St.

No cheating. Ready to take a look?

In order: California, BYU, Seton Hall, Texas. What’s interesting here is that if you look in-depth at each team’s profile – and you kind of half to because they’re all so close – you’ll see a theme: Everyone tried to play a few teams in the non-conference, but none of them actually beat anyone. I mean, shit, when you’re talking about VCU as a good win … and Temple … you know the bubble is ugly.

I’d eliminate Cal, and then the battle between the other three is fierce. You’d probably lean Seton Hall and Texas – BYU lost in the semifinals of its conference tournament – but what if Seton Hall loses tonight and Texas loses to Iowa St. tomorrow?

Because you want to see it first!

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