Danilo Gallinari Knew He Couldn't Stop This Play, So He Just Grabbed the Rim and Hung There, Instead

I’m not sure what’s more surprising – that Gallinari thought this would work; that it happened with one minute left in a one-point game; or that Alonzo Gee said to hell with this lanky Italian, I’m going to dunk the ball while he’s hanging on the rim anyway?

In case you’re curious who won … Cleveland did, on this Kyrie Irving game-winning layup. You know I love Ricky Rubio, but Irving has Rookie of the Year all sewn up.

Irving went the length of the court against the suffocating defense of a strong defender (Afflalo) and then in mid-air, he was able to contort his body and get around the outstretched arms of 6-foot-11 Nene. The Cavaliers, despite a recent 6-game losing streak, are just three games behind the Knicks in the race for the Final playoff spot in the East.

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