Roundup: Peyton Manning Went to Miami, Allegedly There's a Hulk Hogan Sex Tape & Stranded Dolphins Saved in Brazil

Brittney Palmer … Miss Seattle doesn’t hate Seattle weather … man attacked mother for using his taco sauce … church robbed by man in purple tights and a tutu … hundreds of DUIs in San Francisco could be tossed … about KONY 2012Coors Light Iced TJennifer Love Hewitt is back … there might be a Hulk Hogan sex tape … SLAM’s throwback coverMuppets Hunger Games trailer … guys hits another guy with his car because they liked different teams …

Oh Middle America … Olive Garden finally comes to Grand Forks, North Dakota. [GrandForksHerald.com]

An interview with Mad Men’s Matthew Weiner. [New York Times]

Prince Harry raced Usain Bolt. [The Guardian]

What’s happening to the Washington Post? [Vanity Fair]

This solar storm is bananas. [AP]

Fran Tarkenton says the NFL needs to get rid of the bounty hunters. [Wall Street Journal]

After the latest Josiah Turner suspension, think he returns to Arizona next year? [Daily Star]

Judy Battista profiles Bounty Hunter/defensive coach Gregg Williams. [NYT]

A preacher has impressed the Yankees. [AP]

Peyton Manning should take his talents to South Beach. [The Legend of Cecilio Guante]

Former Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin’s son, who drown in January, had a .176 BAC and marijuana in his system. [JS Online]

Kris Humphries’ sister is a plus size model. [Ball Don’t Lie]

Steph Curry seems like a nice enough guy.

People save 30 dolphins that had become stranded on the beach.

Superbad table read. They all seemed so innocent.

Dollar shave club sounds amazing. Sign me up.

Because you want to see it first!

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