Server Who Posted Peyton Manning's 50% Restaurant Tip on the Internet Has Been Fired

Last week, a server posted a receipt online that was signed by Peyton Manning. The server worked at The Angus Barn in Raleigh, North Carolina. Peyton apparently loved the service and he left and extra $200 on a $739.58 bill that had already included an 18-percent gratuity. That’s a little more than a 50% tip. The story doesn’t have a happy ending for everyone involved as the server who posted the receipt has been fired.

“This goes against every policy we have,” said Eure. “It’s just horrible.”

The Angus Barn has a long tradition of serving celebrities major and minor, and it’s a strict policy of the restaurant that their private dining experiences stay private. That was violated in this case, said Eure, who added that she intends to phone Manning to apologize personally.

So the restaurant gets free publicity. Peyton Manning looks like a nice guy and an awesome tipper. Meanwhile, the guy who posted the picture online has to live off that sweet tip until he can get a new job at Shenaniganz.


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