The Cavaliers Are Still Very Proud of Mo Williams Making the 2009 All-Star Game

This splash page was featured on the Cleveland Cavaliers’ website for the better part of the morning. It applauds and congratulates (all in one made up word) Williams for his selection to the All-Star game in 2009. He’ll join Cleveland figures LeBron James and Mike Brown in Phoenix.

There’s really no telling if this page has been up for an hour or a month, or longer. Before Kyrie Irving’s length of the court game-winning drive last night, would anyone have cared enough to check the Cavs’ website? No matter how long it has been there (2009 perhaps?) it’s good to know that the Cavs are standing by Mo Williams even though he hasn’t played in Cleveland in over a year. Applaudulations indeed.

[h/t: @WFNYScott]

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