Marshall Swim Coach Resigned After Being Caught Smoking Pot on Campus

Marshall University’s swimming and diving coach Russell Hunt has resigned, after he was caught smoking marijuana in a campus facility.

From The Parthenon:

The report states Hunt was smoking the substance from a small plastic pipe. In addition, Hunt had a homemade filtered device made from cardboard and dryer sheets and a bag of marijuana weighing less than 15 grams.  He was transported to the Cabell County Courthouse where he was released.

“We wish him the best of luck moving forward and will start the search for his successor in the near future,” said Mike Hamrick, director of athletics, in a statement. “I would like to thank Russell for his contributions to our program.”

Translating imprecise journospeak with the aid of some Internet research …We would guess his “homemade filtered device” was a cardboard toilet paper roll insert with dryer sheets stuffed into it to mask the smell when he exhaled. Moral of the Story: keep your benign recreational habits confined to the homefront. [Photo via Getty]

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