Nolan Ryan and Robin Ventura Still Haven't Spoken Since Their Epic Fight in 1993

It has been 19 years since Robin Ventura charged the mound and went after Nolan Ryan one sweaty night in August. The result was one of the most memorable fights in MLB history, mostly because Ryan, then 46, got the better of Ventura, who was 20 years his junior. Ryan put Ventura in a headlock and delivered a few punches before a swarm of players descended on the mound. Ventura and Ryan, for whatever reason, have never spoken since the incident.

“But it’s not like either one of us are mad or anything,” said Ventura on Thursday, before the White Sox won, 6-3. “We’ve just never been around at the same time.

“But I guess that is going to change, huh?”

Ryan’s the owner of the Rangers. Ventura’s managing the White Sox. Both are Arizona-based for Spring Training. The White Sox open the season against the Rangers in Arlington. If they’re not up for a re-enactment, I’d settle for an ESPN 30-for-30 on the fight. [Star Telegram]

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